REVIEW: Kings of Leon’s ‘WALLS’

‘Take the time to waste a moment.

The mighty Kings of Leon returned in October this year with their 10-track album WALLS, aka, We Are Like Love Songs. This album makes this the Followill’s seventh studio album, following on from Mechanical Bull in 2013.

‘Waste a Moment’ and title track ‘WALLS’ were the album’s two main singles. Each song on the album gives us a different flavour of the band; you get a bit of funk on ‘Around the World’ which would get anyone dancing on their feet, an edge of 80s style highway-rock on ‘Find Me’, and a hint of Latin groove in ‘Muchacho’. The two singles remind us of the Kings of Leon that we know and love. ‘Waste a Moment’ connects to their older southern songs from albums ‘Youth and Young Manhood’ and ‘Aha Shake Heartbreak’, while mixing it with a powerful, booming guitar sound, going for the same effect that ‘Use Somebody’ had on us in 2008. It is about a waitress and her good-for-nothing boyfriend, travelling to Hollywood from Texas. The message is simple; don’t take life too seriously. However, ‘Walls’ is a sweet refresher of the bare minimum, which features lead singer Caleb Followill accompanied by an acoustic guitar and piano. It is simply a beautiful, heartbreaking love song, which ends the album with us just wanting more.

Kings of Leon are one of the few bands from the noughties that continue to bring the fire, along with fellow American band The Strokes and the Arctic Monkeys. They wouldn’t be continuously successfully delivering hit after hit if they didn’t have the charm which they do, and that’s why they’re so lovable.

The band are doing a UK tour in early 2017, which will be something not to miss. You can find tickets here!

Picture taken by Erin Lindsay. Kings of Leon return to the Hydro next year, their last visit being back in June 2014.

Erin’s rating: 4.5/5 Stars!


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