Someone Wrap Up Our Greatest Musicians in Bubblewrap

I didn’t plan on writing a blog post today. However, last night I watched a BBC documentary about the last 5 years of David Bowie. To say it moved me would be an understatement. By the end I was left with a tear in my eye, the documentary really captured David’s more intimate life and I was truly left inspired.

David Bowie, photo credit:

I learnt a lot; about all of David’s eras and characters. I learnt a lot about his personality too. Before I watched the documentary, I didn’t actually know that much about David, yet after it, I felt like I saw this deeper side, this humble side, to David. He encouraged his fans to not be afraid to reinvent yourself, to embrace your true personality, and to be brave and really showcase your creativity.

It is the same case with many of the other musicians that left us in 2016. Prince taught us to be different and stand out, and never stop doing what you love. After all, he did produce almost 40 albums. The late George Michael was always true to himself and never stopped giving. I read a story after his passing about how he was always donating money, he was so selfless.

2016 was a real eye opener to me. I’ve really recognised the immense level of how some artists inspire us, and have came to appreciate musicians so much more than before. Artists put so many messages out there in their work, it’s all real emotion and passion that they digest into their songs and records.

I’d like to kindly ask if someone could wrap up and protect our artists today that are still inspiring and teaching us amazing lessons about life, love and ourselves. Let 2017 be a better year.

You can check out the BBC documentary here.


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