I am pretty sure Jack White is the best

It’s an honest accomplishment of mine that I’ve held back this long to make a blog post on Jack White.

As soon as I start talking about him, I don’t really seem to stop. To me, he is quite frankly one of my favourite, and greatest musicians of all time, and I don’t use the term ‘favourite’ that often.

Jack White in concert. Photo credit: https://flic.kr/p/d4WSkQ

If you’re not familiar with Jack, he’s been in a variety of bands. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the first one listed below, if not, have you been living under a rock?

Of course there is his solo career too, which has produced so many different styles of songs, from the stripped down ‘Love Interruption’ to his most bizarre song, ‘Would You Fight For My Love?’ which in itself features so many twists and turns of sounds.

I got the pleasure of going to his concert at the Hydro back in 2014. Prior to the show, the audience was informed not to take any photos or videos; to just enjoy the show as it was. By doing so, I felt this connection to Jack, unlike any other concert. I was really engulfed in the wonderful music.

This is why I love Jack. I have this attachment to every one of his songs. He draws you in with his lyrics and voice, and holds you captive. It’s amazing. You can feel his passion from every one of his records. In fact, he loved recording and making music so much, he founded record store and record label, as well as live venue, Third Man Records back in 2001. He is overall such an outstanding and unique musician.

Check out ‘Freedom at 21’, my most favourite song of Jack’s.


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