GIG REVIEW: Black Sabbath

On Tuesday the 24th of January 2017, the founders of heavy metal music Black Sabbath played their last ever show in Scotland.

Let me tell you, it was something I’ll never forget.

The night began with support act Rival Sons play a number of their rock tunes to get the crowd started. I particularly liked their song ‘Tied Up‘.

Then came Black Sabbath. Made up of sensational bass player Geezer Butler, legendary guitarist Tony Iommi and the one and only Ozzy Osbourne, with their current drummer Tommy Clufetos ¬†(Bill Ward’s replacement) accompanying them on their last ever tour.

I would just like to put the spotlight on Clufetos, who showed the crowd that he isn’t just any other ‘replacement’. Now I have seen many artists¬†in concert, from Slash and his band, to Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters. But I have never witnessed such magnificent drumming. Half way through the set, the rest of the band took a rest, while Clufetos powered through a 10 minute drum solo. You could physically feel it beat through your body, it was very cool.


Tommy Clufetos playing his drum solo. Taken by Erin Lindsay

The band played their hits from decades ago, which are timeless, they still have the same electrifying effect on the crowd. Of course there were classics War Pigs (video below) and Iron Man, where the crowd sang every word along with Ozzy.


Hand of Doom, Snowblind and Fairies Wear Boots were among some of the other hits on the setlist. You could tell Ozzy was struggling slightly; he doesn’t have the edge he did years ago, but he certainly tried his best. As for the rest of the band, there were no faults whatsoever, with Iommi shredding through guitar solos flawlessly.

This concert will be a great memory for me, and it really lived up to my expectations and more.

Black Sabbath’s final farewell to Scotland. Taken by Erin Lindsay



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