GIG REVIEW: Kings of Leon

February the 27th saw the return of KoL to the Hydro in Glasgow, their first date in Scotland since 2014. I happened to be at that gig 3 years ago, and I can honestly say they came back bigger and better. Their 7th album, WALLS, was a sensation, and the WALLS tour was totally the icing on the cake. You can see my review of the album here.

Picture taken by Erin Lindsay.

Ironically, their opening song was ‘The End’, with lead singer Caleb Followill belting out the lyrics ‘this could be the end’. But it was in fact not the end, obviously, as the band had a setlist with 26 songs to bless the audiences’ ears with.

They managed to fit in a song from every album, from performing their classic ‘Molly’s Chambers’ from their first album, Youth & Young Manhood, covering at least one song from every album, up to their most recent album, where they played the majority of tracks from the record. Some of the songs they performed were Pyro, Notion, Milk, Eyes On You, and my personal favourites Closer and Slow Night, So Long, as well as their most famous hits such as Use Somebody.

They broke up the set halfway through, where they gathered centre stage to play an acoustic act. It felt very intimate, and was a nice touch to the concert. It kind of felt like time had been paused for three songs. Everyone just relaxed and their was a sweet atmosphere in the room. The picture above shows the Followill’s side by side for the acoustic set.

What surprised me, however, was that the band didn’t have an encore. It did slightly disappoint me, yet considering the amount of songs they performed, it was forgivable. They finished the night with their latest hit ‘Waste A Moment’, and the crowd was showered with pink and blue confetti pouring down. It was a beautiful ending to a beautiful night, and I would honestly give it 5 stars. Here is a clip from the last moments of the concert:



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